10 week Wonder Woman Challenge

10 week Wonder Woman Challenge

I reckon even the most resilient of people are finding things tough right now.  The stress is piling from every level and every day brings new restrictions, figures and doom and gloom.  I; like many others, have struggled to keep motivated as the things that motivate me have slowly been stripped away.  Work has been ticking along but the cancellations have meant I’m slightly below where I would like to be figures wise.  I really can’t complain though as I can still remain open whatever tier we go into.

If you or anyone you know requires physio or can’t get a consultation through the NHS please bare in mind private physiotherapy at KHPhysiotherapy.  Due to strict Covid policies my clinic remains open and covid secure.  The donning of PPE for patient assessments, regular cleaning and covid screening in place means the clinic is a safe environment.  There is no reception area, no other practitioners and no through traffic so it makes it easy to manage the area.  My clinic is a little safe haven where I can continue to assess, treat and reassure new and continuing patients. If you wish to discuss an appointment please contact me on info@khphysiotherapy.com

On a slightly different note.  I wanted to let you know about my 10 week wonder woman challenge.  This is something purely for me to give me some focus over the next 10 weeks.  I’ve tied it in with the Runners Conditioning (RC)class and my goal is to improve overall strength and mobility.  I’ve set myself a weekly training plan and will be reducing my running right down with slightly more structure to the sessions.  I’m aiming for 2 weight sessions a week, 2 RC sessions, an interval session , a Tempo off road run and then a longer run at the weekend.  I’ve booked in for a couple of PT sessions with a colleague of mine  Callum Sills  , he specialises in Strength and Conditioning Training, and I had my first session yesterday.  I work with lots of patients on Strengthening and Conditioning their bodies but its good to have a fresh look at things and for me I wanted to have that accountability for working out.  I work better with a goal and seeing results.

Dip bars!!! eek


The first session highlighted lots of things I already knew about my body but as most of us do we ignore things and often go with the easier option.  Its clear I need to work on shoulder mobility and back extension and single arm cleans showed a much stronger right side.  As an ex rower who rowed mainly with my right arm leading this doesn’t surprise me after all these years.  So I  know have 4 key exercises to work on with the main goal being form rather than loading.  I’m excited to crack on and get training and I know the weeks will fly past.  If you want to join the RC class there’s still time to do so as the first weeks session is available any time.  The cost is still £25 payable via paypal – kerstine.herbert@gmail.com

You can follow my exploits over the next 9 weeks and I’ll be posting some more details of my programme and run sessions.  Please stay safe folks, look out for each other, follow the rules and keep connected


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