Clinic Update

Clinic Update

Just a quick update this week.  Its been an up and down few weeks as people return to work and children to school.  We’ve all been closely watching as local lock downs occur in different parts of the country.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on things with regards to keeping both my patients and myself safe.  Its easy to get bogged down in what is happening elsewhere in different industries.  There is so much inconsistency in the rules that it is sometimes hard to wade through to find the basic level needed.

Here at KHPhysiotherapy I’m luck to have such a fantastic clinic space which enables me to maintain a safe distance when I’m with a patient and to know that there is no through movement of other patients.

I have complete control over the clinic environment which helps limit the risk. I also have measures in place to ensure the risk of contracting covid 19  is minimal. The measures I have in place are

1- phone call on initial booking to ascertain risk of being in contact with covid 19 and to let new patients know what to expect on their first visit into clinic

2- email sent on booking with patient consent form and covid 19 screening questions

3- 15 mins airing time between patients to allow ventilation in the clinic

4- cleaning of all surfaces and equipment after each patient

5- patient to sanitize hands on entry

6- patient to wear face mask throughout appointment

7- Physiotherapist to wear full PPE including eye protection

All this is under the watchful eye of my health and safety manager ‘Max’.


With all these measures in place I can be certain that both myself and my patients are safe from exposure to covid 19 in the clinic. If you have any queries or concerns about my covid policy then please get in touch

Next weeks blog will be back to physio stuff and I’ll be looking at ankle pain.  You can subscribe via the webpage so you receive the latest news and advice. Please stay safe folks and lets not let our guard down


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