The Ramblings of a Physio

The Ramblings of a Physio

Welcome to my first blog.  Those of you who know me know I am not only a physio but a runner.  I love running; I love running fast, slow, short, long, on my own, with friends.  I run because I can, and as a way of clearing my head.  My own running journey has; over the years, involved making many of the mistakes that pretty much all runners make. Too much too soon!!!! I’ve been swept up in the enthusiasm of running and have paid the price. Thankfully over the years I’ve learnt my lessons and now am running better than ever.  I train hard in the gym and although I’m not as strong as I was as a rower, many years ago, I am getting stronger and quicker.

So I finally decided to get my blog set up so I can share my stories, tips, advice and general physio thoughts.  If you have any comments or thoughts on what you would like to see in the blog then please leave some comments.  It is a work in progress so hopefully it will progress into a beautiful thing.  Its a busy time for me in the clinic as Ashby and then London approach.  I’m also excited to have my first advert in our local NG16 magazine so I can reach out to all the non runners in my community and let them know that I treat a whole host of injuries and symptoms from neck ache to foot pain.  Being a physio brings many challenges, as the human body is complicated yet strangely simplistic.  If we abuse it, it tells us, but its whether or not we choose to listen to it and how we react to those signals that is important.



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