Lockdown #2

Lockdown #2

Oh my goodness, what a roller coaster its been since the last update.  The last one was as we entered tier 3 in Nottinghamshire and we were preparing for the changes.  Things snowballed after that and the whole of England went into lockdown.  This started on Thursday the 5th of November and will end on December the 2nd.  Initially I was unsure what would happen to the clinic but with a huge sigh of relief I read reassurance from the government and our governing bodies that we could remain open for face to face consultations.  Since I reopened there have been strict measures in place to keep myself and my patients safe and these remain.

So if you are unable to get an appointment at your local GP then please get in touch.  As for me I’ve been struggling to keep my motivation up.  This lockdown seems so much harder than the first one. There is a real feeling of uncertainty and confusion.  There isn’t a ‘we’re all in this together’ feeling and the future is very uncertain.  I’m missing social contact, I miss park run, I miss running with groups of friends, I miss normal life.  My business is quiet at the moment which I’m not used to.

I’m continuing with the Runners Conditioning and I’ve started up waterbottle workout again.  If you want to join in just join the group.  It is free 🙂


I know things are tough at the moment but I am here to support my patients and those who need physio so if you are struggling with symptoms please get in touch and we can discuss an appointment, support and ways to pay if money is an issue.

Please take care of yourselves

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