Mark’s Virtual Duathlon Challenge

Mark’s Virtual Duathlon Challenge

If you follow my exploits regularly you may well know of my friend Mark and his challenges.  It all started in 2018 when Mark came to see me in my clinic for some advice.  We got him signed up at the local gym and he started going 2-3 times a week.  To say it changed his life is an understatement.  He met new friends, got fitter and stronger and reversed his diabetes.  You can read about those early days here….

His first challenge was the Robin Hood Mile and I was really proud of the hard work he put in to achieve his goal of finishing it.

Mark had never done anything like this and he loved the buzz and the support he got from all those involved.  As always the Virtual Runner community were behind him 100% and he was chuffed to bits to wear their t-shirt and receive his first ever medal

Since than Mark has gone on to complete several more challenges and he is getting quite a medal haul.  We even managed to bag him a 5k one when his trusty coach missed a turning and added a bit more distance to his 2 mile challenge (whoops)


He has also loved getting his first pair of crazy sports leggings!!

Mark lives alone and doesn’t have internet or even a smart phone.  He was born with Spina Bifida and has faced some really tough health challenges throughout his life.

His regular trips to the gym were his lifeline and he has, over the last few years become a well know face there.  Then Covid 19 happened!!

Mark has now lost that lifeline and it’s not looking like gyms will be opening any time soon.  He now goes to the shop once a week and is pretty much isolated from normal life.  I wondered how I could help him and give him a bit of motivation and a new challenge to face.  So was born the Covid 19 Duathlon.

He now has a static bike in his house and as we’ve started another 3 week block of lockdown I’ve set him the challenge of doing 19 minutes on his bike every day for 21 days.  I’ve also set him some home workouts to complete as well just to keep him going.  The duathlon will comprise a run, bike, run.  My challenge is to complete 19 km every day, broken into 2 runs. We’re a socially distancing tag team!!  I have access to a treadmill in the clinic so whatever I don’t do in the morning I can finish there, so keeping within the government guidelines of 1 a day.  Currently the bike has no electronic display so hence the 19 mins, if we can find a replacement then we can keep a tally on how far he’s travelling.

I put this idea to Mark and he is super excited to get going.  We completed the first day on Friday the 17th of April.  I had asked Mark to do a short video but he only has what can be described as an antique phone so he couldn’t send it over to me.  Now we have to think of another way for him to document his challenge so if anyone can help please drop us a comment.  Other than that we now have 21 days of challenge ahead.

We are also hoping to raise some money for the NHS charity that supports NHS workers so if you would like to donate please follow the link to our just giving page .

Come on Mark we can do this.  If you want to follow Marks progress then you can sign up to the weekly newsletter via the webpage.  There will also be tips and advice on all things physiotherapy.  Stay safe folks and look after one another xxx

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