Runners Conditioning class

Runners Conditioning class

As the nights draw in and we slip further into the covid pit of despair my thoughts turned to how I can support runners with their winter training.  As you may be aware I already offer packages for runners to help them with their training through the winter.  We work together to form a training plan based on their areas of weakness and use gait analysis to highlight elements of running form that can be improved.  My goal is always to keep it simple and utilize what the runner has at home.  This means if they don’t have access to a gym they can still use their own equipment.  With lockdown restrictions changing so quickly across so many areas one of my concerns is that more public spaces such as gyms and parks will be put out of bounds and training will be limited to home/outdoors with whatever you can find around the house.

Winter is a great time to focus on improving key area such as joint mobility, control, and running form.  With many events already cancelled up until Christmas now is the time to plan in some Strength and Conditioning as part of your training.  Just 2 sessions of S&C a week can significantly decrease your risk of injury.  To get stronger you have to lift weights, so often this element is more difficult to include when training at home.  The conditioning part is a little simpler as you can use full body movements and exercises to help increase flexibility, body awareness and movement control.  Its a part that I often let slip then I wonder why I feel stiff and a bit creaky.

Through lockdown at the start of the year I did regular online classes via FB.  These seemed to work well and I offered them as a free service to support people stuck indoors at the height of the pandemic.  Much as I would love to continue offering free support I have to move with the changing times and make sure my physiotherapy business is ready for the turbulent times ahead.

I’m therefore looking at only making a small charge for a 10 week block of sessions.  The sessions would be via FB live through a group.  To join the group I would ask for a payment to be made.  Sessions will be live on a Tuesday evening at 6.30 but will be available to watch any time after that. You wont need any equipment but if you have some water bottles or weights and a resistance band you can incorporate them.  Price TBC but I’m looking at £25 for the 10 week block.  You don’t need any equipment but you can incorporate water bottles or weights and if you can get hold of a resistance band these can be useful too.  If you are interested please keep a look out on FB for more information on the group.

Happy running folks



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