Clinic News

Clinic News

The first of December!!! Wow what a fast year it’s been.  I remember by Dad saying when I was little that the years went faster the older you get.  I didn’t know what he meant back then but boy I do now!! It’s been a bit of an up and down few months here at the clinic.  Andrew started in September and was all going well until he was hit by the dreaded Covid early November.  Just after recovering from that he had a nasty footballing accident and has damaged his ankle quite badly.  Just as he was finding his feet, we’ve had to give him a break until the new year so he can focus on his recovery.

This year I purchased the clinic building which is an old Victorian shop with a flat upstairs.  The building sits on James Street which is in a local conservation area meaning the rules are really strict around what changes you can make to the exterior. The old sash windows upstairs were in a really bad way and downstairs the original glass was still held in by the original putty.  This meant they were draughty and not great for the EPC grade.  Sadly, there are no longer any grants available to help small businesses in the conservation area to upgrade the windows so it’s a big cost for a little business like mine, but it will be well worth it to bring the windows up to date whilst keeping the charm of the building. It has meant the clinic has been shut for a week, but we are back open for business from the 5th of December.

The other exciting change coming next year is the addition of our lovely new Shock Wave Therapy machine (ESWT). ESWT has shown to be useful in treating tendon conditions, plantar fasciitis and other soft tissue conditions.  Both myself and Andy will be using this as part of our treatment options.  More details to follow about its benefits, evidence supporting it and the packages available.

As you can see the Christmas lights aren’t up yet but without any windows yet it’s a bit premature!! Look out for them next weekend 🙂 As for me well I am about to start training hard for my next Hyrox event in Glasgow on the 11th of February.  My goal is to beat my last time and try to qualify for the world championships which this year are in Manchester.  Me and my partner took part in the doubles event in London recently and came a very respectable 10th out of 106 teams, not bad as we were right at the top of our 40-49 age group.

I am slowly trying to regain my running fitness, but I have to remember I’m not as young as I used to be.  I find this hard mentally to deal with as my mind is willing but sometimes the old body; try though it may, just needs a bit more TLC.  I like to think of it as a classic car.   We’re in the second month of 100 squats a day and you can still join in. (  It’s just for fun and through December fancy dress is optional.  Also look out for a talk I’ll be doing at Up& Running on the 12th of January (details out soon).

The clinic will be closing on Friday 16th of December and will reopen on Wednesday 4th of January.  Don’t forget you can purchase vouchers for gait analysis, sports massage or physio from the clinic, just drop me a message/email

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes or want to book in over the next 2 weeks, please get in touch


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