Kimberley Leisure Centre Link

Kimberley Leisure Centre Link

KHPhysiotherapy is proud to maintain a good link with one of our great local facilities; Kimberley Leisure Centre.  I started going to KLC in 2003 when my daughter was born and have continued to use the center as it’s upgraded and changed into what we know today.  Its been a tough time for gyms and leisure facilities and lets hope the easing of lockdown means a return to a more normal way of exercising.  KLC has some great trainers and they stepped up to the mark through 2020, offering a whole host of online options for the members to keep them moving.

I’m a big advocate of physical activity and will promote this to all my patients as the positive effects both mentally and physically are vast. Being able to sign my patients up through my corporate scheme with KLC means I can offer an added layer to my treatment/rehab plans.  Having access to the gym/swimming/classes means ‘you’ can help yourself to improve your health and your own life.

Joining also allows access to the 2 other centers at Bramcote and Chilwell.

If you want details on how to join through the clinic please contact me

Find out more about how easing of lockdown is effecting the phased return of leisure facilities-

Kimberley Leisure Centre lleisure – Kimberley Leisure Centre

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