Strength & Conditioning for Runners

Strength & Conditioning for Runners

Running has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Lock down may have been a contributing factor to this over the last two years as people had to abandon gyms and fitness centers and workout from home.  In 2020 there were just under 1 million downloads of the NHS ‘couch to 5k’ app.  In 2010 2 million people reported running at least once a week, now its around 6 million.(#10 Year Challenge: Running today – how it has changed – Insight Zone (  Running is great fun and can take you to places you may never have been before (both mentally and physically) yet the England Athletics data showed; interestingly, and despite the huge growth, many of us still feel that running is ‘too hard’, ‘boring’ and even those of who run regularly agree, with just 15% of runners saying they love it!  Running shouldn’t be boring (yes, it is hard work!!) and having something else to supplement your running can make running both easier and less mundane.

Running is physically demanding, especially for new runners who are deconditioned to the huge strains that running puts on both your cardiovascular system and your joints and soft tissue.  Research suggests that anywhere up to 75% of runners sustain a running related injury each year.  It’s such a high intensity sport that the stresses placed on the body are extreme.  It takes time to adapt to these stresses but; as with most things nowadays, we want quick results.  One way you can reduce your risk of being injured and to help strengthen your joints and soft tissue is to add in some kind of cross training.

Here at KHPhysiotherapy I’m a big advocate of strength and conditioning for runners and have run several successful online classes to cater for this.  My aim is always to make the classes accessible for everyone.  You don’t need lots of fancy kit and, the exercises are simple, and evidence based and you are part of a group that offers support and advice.

The next block of 10 weeks will start on 12/10/2022.  Classes are live via my FB group and are available throughout the whole 10 weeks so you can catch up at your own leisure.  The group allows me to share tips and info on running more efficiently, managing injuries and exercising safely.

The cost if £40 which you can pay via paypal –

or through BACS

Kerstine Herbert (Starling business account)

ACC- 95585886

SC- 60-83-71

The FB group is linked below so please request to be added once payment is made

(3) Strength & Conditioning for Runners | Facebook

I’d love you to join me each week and if you have any questions please get in touch


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