10 week online class for runners

10 week online class for runners

At last….something for me to focus on!! The 10 week Runners Conditioning is now available to join.  Its been a bumpy old journey over the last 6 months and the covid situation looks like its not going to get any better over the next few months.  During lock down being able to go into my clinic every day and put together some home workouts was the only thing that kept me feeling sane.  I did water bottle workouts every day and twice a week I did a class for runners to help improve balance and control.  This gave me some sense of purpose and it was nice to feel useful.

With lockdown restrictions set to tighten and the winter looking long and endless I wanted to have something in place to support runners with their winter training and to give me some focus to the coming weeks.  As everyone has I’ve struggled with motivation and mood and my training has been intermittent.  Its hard to stay focused when their isn’t a focus and with all events cancelled it’s easy to lose your mojo.

So with all this in mind and the need to keep my small business afloat I have set up a group so we can all get together once a week at a set time and do a conditioning class.  The aim of the class is to develop balance, core control and fire up those running muscles.  You don’t need any kit but can use anything you have around the house like waterbottles or hand weights.  We’ll be working on flexibility throughout and I’ll be leading you through the class so I’m looking to improve my running.  I’m not a personal trainer so this class isn’t a typical workout and we wont be ‘sweating it out’.  Instead we’ll be focusing on each movement and what muscles we are using and why.  There will be an element of education so you’ll have an understanding of how your body and muscles work when running.

On the 13th at 6.30pm I’ll be hosting a launch session on FB live.  This will provide you with details of the class, how to make payment and answer any questions you may have.  The 10 weeks will start from Tuesday 20th at 6.30 pm and each week the session will be live then available to follow in your own time.   Fee for the 10 weeks is £25  and you can pay this via BACS or paypal

Bank details are

or you can pay via paypal @KHPhysiotherapy (please select friends and family)
Once payment is received I’ll add you to the FB group
Lets focus on something other than COVID, lets support each other through the next few months and lets improve our bodies.
I’m really looking forward to the next 11 weeks and hope you will take this journey with me

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