Exercising at home

Exercising at home

Don’t know about you but I feel like I’m stuck in some slow playing, rubbish movie.  Only last weekend I was shopping with my mum and we stopped and had a coffee.  Not much was really that different and we were following the news closely regarding the virus.  Thankfully my folks got home safely and as they live in a remote village in the Highlands so they are about as isolated as they can be.  It still doesn’t stop me worrying about them though and at times like these when you want to be with your loved ones it’s difficult having to stay away from them.

My physiotherapy clinic is closing from today as I don’t want to put myself or my patients at risk.  I am offering online assessments via skype so if you desperately need some advice then please email me or drop me a message through skype.  I am offering these online assessments for £20 currently but am happy to discuss first over the phone.  My trustee side kick is immune to the virus so he is still raring to go!!

So as restrictions grow, we have all been thrown into a confusing new world.  Schools are shutting, work places are closing and businesses are already disappearing.  We are being told to self isolate or go into quarantine if we believe there is a need.  I myself am choosing to self isolate as much as possible not because I fear the virus but I don’t want to pass it on if I do become a carrier.  Our NHS is already struggling and we all must do our bit.

For many, their network of social support has been suddenly whipped from under them.  Exercise classes, gyms, social clubs, coffee shops have all suddenly gone and many of us are left with a gapping home in our lives with no definitive end in sight.  Its frightening, confusing, worrying and dangerous for many and we all have to rally around for everyone in the darkest of times

As a physiotherapist I recommend physical activity of some sort to all of my patients and I always like to find out what people enjoy and where they like to exercise.  Unfortunately, at the moment gyms are the last place most people want to be and as we become more home based we have to find ways of keeping active whilst remaining there.  With this in mind I’ve started videoing some workouts you can do at home.  I’ll be doing a variety of different ones and will aim to use items we can find at home as well as items.  I also have some wonderful colleagues who have kindly offered to do some mental health exercises.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel below.  Please stay safe folks, head the advice.  This isn’t just going to blow over, it will effect us all for many moons to come so we have to look after ourselves and those around us.


If you would like to see any specific work outs or talks about certain subjects please comment below.  I’m your online physio, here to help you xxx

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