Strength and Conditioning for Runners

Strength and Conditioning for Runners

Its back!!!!! Starting on Thursday the 2nd of November at 6pm, join me live via FB for a session that will improve your balance, flexibility, strength and running performance. The class lasts an hour and uses minimal kit.  You’ll also be part of a FB group where you can ask questions and learn about key running points.  You can catch up with the class if you miss it and also repeat the class again in the week.

Strength and conditioning is so important for runners as it improves your power, endurance, running efficiency and the efficiency of your soft tissue to absorb impact.  Through the winter is an ideal time to add in at least 2 sessions of S&C each week to get you in tip top condition for those spring races. Although you can do the class with just body weight the idea is to build some strength into your soft tissue so ideally you want to include weights.  You don’t  need to spend a fortune and with just a few pieces of equipment you can really super charge your work out.  I focus on form whilst exercising and not just the speed of the exercises.

I’d love it if you would join me for the 6 weeks



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