Clinic Refurb

Clinic Refurb


Its exciting times at KHPhysiotherapy.  As I approach 3 years being in my current clinic I am excited to be working on improving the clinic facilities.  I love my clinic and have always had great feedback about the space.  I have been able to offer gait analysis and with a keen interest in running related injuries I have had many runners who I have worked with to improve their overall strength and running form.

Now is the time to build on these services and support not just runners but all my patients with a much more comprehensive rehab package.  The clinic will be equipped with free weights that you would expect to see in a gym setting,  Squat rack for working on basic strength exercises and user friendly rehab equipment that you can purchase to use at home.  You’ll be fully assessed on your initial visit then given a tailored plan to improve your symptoms.  You can also book in for Gait analysis assessments and strength and conditioning (S&C) assessment if you want to work on improving a specific function.

Runners can book individual sessions of GA and S&C or can purchase packages that include GA, S&C plus 2, 3 or 4 follow up sessions.  This means you can start building a good solid base of strength for your new year marathon.

Bronze package- £150

Silver package- £180

Gold- £215

Fully registered physiotherapy led so you can claim it back through your healthcare scheme (check first with your current insurer).

S&C level 4 qualification

Strong links with KLC who can support you with your set programme.

If you have goals for 2020 then get in touch to discuss them and see how physiotherapy can be an integral part of your training

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