Winter Training Packages for Runners

Winter Training Packages for Runners

Finally it’s here!! The clinic is finished and looking awesome.  I am very proud of the space I have created and am excited to be able to support my patients on another level.

I am now able to provide a much more comprehensive rehab plan for my patients for any MSK issue.  We can work on form, loading, exercises and range of movement activities all in the comfort of the clinic.  This will benefit all my patients.  Specifically though I am offering strength and condition advice and programmes for runners.

You can still book in for a single session if you have an injury or want a basic plan but the packages are designed with the runner in mind who is looking at increasing their distance next year.  Many runners leave their training till the first of January with a spring marathon in their sights.  This often only gives them 16 weeks.  Take out a couple of weeks for holidays and a coupe for winter bugs then its not long before its only 10-12 weeks.  For many runners this isn’t long enough to build up to 26 miles and requires a big jump in mileage.  This is what leads to injury.  If you want a good solid base then start your training now.  Spend 2 months building strength into your muscles and joints then you have a much more solid base to start to increase your training. Invest in yourself to produce long term gains!

Are you a runner?

Have you got a spring marathon?

Do you want to improve your running form?

Do you want to get stronger?

Are you unsure where to start?

If you answer yes to these questions then these are the packages for you.

Bronze £150 Gait Analysis + Strength and Conditioning Plan + 2 Follow Up sessions

Silver    £180 Gait Analysis + Strength and Conditioning Plan + 3 Follow Up sessions

Gold    £210 Gait Analysis + Strength and Conditioning Plan + 4 Follow Up sessions

Each package includes:

  • *Full body gait analysis with a plan to improve your running form.  This can significantly reduce your risk of injury 
  • *A Strength and Conditioning assessment with a plan to follow either at the gym or at home. 
  • *Access to the exclusive FB group where you can share tips and watch demonstrations of extra exercises specific to runners.  
  • *Clear goals to work towards

Payment can be made in full or over the first two sessions. Please book in for the first session for 1 hour and mention which package you would like.  You can book online

There are a limited number of packages available each month so book now to avoid disappointment


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